How secure is delivery?

    We ship all of our packages directly from our store in unbranded, discreet padded envelopes or boxes. All packages use the name “Brad Jakson”, so they in no way indicate that there are valuables contained inside.

    If you choose an insured shipping option, all packages are insured by the US Postal Service and our jewelry store insurance company for complete coverage and peace of mind.

How do I get a refund?

   Refunds are accepted within 30 days of purchase and our full refund policy can be found here.

If I'm not happy with an item, how do I return or exchange?

   With some clear exceptions, returns & exchanges are accepted within 30 days of purchase and our full returns & exchanges policy can be found here. If you ever have a question, please also feel free to call the store, or send us an email. We’re here to help.



I am confused about ring styles and diamond shapes, how can I ifnd out more?

    Don’t worry, we can help! We recommend booking a free, no obligation viewing meeting that’s conducted through either Zoom or Skype. We can talk you through the different ring styles and diamond shapes to help you get it just right. You can book your consultation here.

How do I know which engagement ring is best for my girlfriend?

    Don’t panic, we can help! We recommend booking a free, no obligation viewing meeting that’s conducted through Zoom or Skype. We can talk you through the different ring styles and diamond shapes to help you get it just right, based on your girlfriends style and preferences. Having helped thousands of customers select engagement rings over the years, we can help you take any hints she’s given, no matter how small, and match them with a style you’ll both love, at the price that works in your budget. You can book your consultation here.

How much should I spend on an engagement ring?

    This is an age old question, but the key should be about finding a ring the suits both your partner's style and your budget. By booking a free, no obligation viewing meeting that’s conducted through Zoom or Skype, our expert jewelers can show you a range of options at different budgets.

   Our diamond engagement rings start at just $999. After a 30 minute consultation, you’ll understand all the options available, and exactly how much you’ll need to budget to purchase a ring you’ll be proud to give. You can book your consultation here.

How do I know which ring size I need to buy?

   We recommend getting a ring equal to, or slightly larger than, you think she’ll need. Most of our engagement rings come in a size 6.5 by default, and can be sized anywhere from a 4.5 to a 8.5 without any issue.

   So while we always want to try and get the ring size correct the first time. Even if you get it wrong, we can make it right!

Can I design my own ring?

    Absolutely – with our 35 years experience, we’ve worked with thousands of clients to create their perfect engagement ring, wedding band or custom jewelry piece. Book a free online consultation today to discuss your design.

   We feature a custom design app, that brings your designs to life from your phone or desktop.  Create an account and start designing here.

Can I get my purchase engraved?

    Dependent on the product purchased from Jackson Diamond Jewelers, our in-store engraver will engrave or personalize your jewelry piece.  More advanced laser engraving services, such as fingerprints or custom handwriting engraving are  also available. For specific requests, simply contact us with your requirements or drop into our store.

Do you offer financing?

 Yes, we always have interest free financing and layaway plans available to help you afford the jewelry of your dreams. You can find out full details via our financing page. For specific questions, simply contact us here.



How is Jackson Diamond Jewelers different from other online jewelry stores?

     The largest difference between ourselves and other online jewelry stores, is that we are also a real physical jewelry store in Oklahoma, and have been for over 35 years. Your emails and phone calls are always answered by an owner, or full-time store employee, and never routed through a customer service department.

     We are blessed to have a full-time and very talented goldsmith with over 40 years of experience at the bench. His name is Pat Abernathy, and he handles all repairs, engraving, and stone setting.

     We make sure to keep our pricing and selection extremely competitive with other online stores, however, at Jackson Diamond Jewelers you get the added benefit of working with a store owner on all major purchases. This includes video chat and direct phone and email access.

     We understand how important each and every jewelry purchase is, and we have for over 35 years.

 How is Jackson Diamond Jewelers different from other local or mall jewelry stores?

     With 2 generations of experience, there is no more qualified store to trust with your jewelry purchase. We maintain a small, 6 person staff, 2 of whom are Jackson's, to ensure that you always receive a first class customer service experience. Every time you walk through our doors, you will be working with an experienced member of our staff, and an owner is always available.

    We credit our continued success, in large part to the relationships we are able to form with our customers. We strive to get to a place a trust with honest information, straight-forward, no-haggle pricing, and an unending commitment to treat you the way we’d wish to be treated.

Who is Jackson Diamond Jewelers?

    We’re a long established, single family run business based in Stillwater, OK. We were founded in 1983, in Stillwater, by Brad & Paula Jackson. They started our business on a foundation of fairness, compassion, obsessive customer service, and we try our best to maintain that tradition everyday. 

Does Jackson Diamond Jewelers use discount codes or coupons?

    At Jackson Diamond Jewelers, we believe in pricing our jewelry fairly the first-time and never use phony discounts or sales gimmicks. Therefore, we do not use year round discount codes or discount coupons. However, we know you love a great deal and frequently offer special promotions, heavily discounted sales items, and giveaways alongside our year round competitive prices. The best way to stay up to date with our current promotions is to follow us on Facebook.